Package delivery volume skyrockets during the holiday season, and parcel carriers have their work cut out for them. Companies like USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Amazon rise to the challenge by hiring seasonal drivers to keep up with the massive amount of deliveries.

Here are 4 tips to help make the delivery process as smooth as possible during this hectic, high-volume time of year.


1. Keep Extra Carrier Instruction Sheets Handy


Make it easy for new drivers to learn the ropes! Prepare a stack of Carrier Instruction Sheets with the carrier name and access codes already filled out—you can provide these to seasonal drivers to help them quickly learn how to deliver to the package lockers for the first time.


2. Increase Signage to Guide Carriers


Place signs around your property that direct carriers to your package delivery area. Get creative! You can match your signage to your community’s branding. Or, ask your Luxer One representative for generic Luxer-branded signs.


3. Manage Overflow


Most package management systems are sized for normal delivery volume, not the 2-week peak period right before Christmas, when package volume can nearly double. If your system fills to capacity, you may need to help out during this short period, to make it simple for carriers to keep delivering.


Option 1: Oversized Locker


If you have an Oversized locker, or have paired your Luxer Lockers with a Luxer Room, have overflow packages delivered there for worry-free overflow.


Option 2: Accept Extra Deliveries at Leasing Office


You can temporarily stray from your policy and accept the overflow in your leasing office. At the end of the day when lockers become available again, you can manually deliver them before leaving.



4. Here to Help


As always, we’re here to help you have a smooth experience! If you need additional assistance with the carriers, please ask for our Carrier Relations team at or 415-390-0123.

Holiday Package Management: 5 Tips for Helping Residents

Your residents receive more packages during the winter holidays than any other time of year. Here are 5 tips to help them pick up their deliveries faster, make sure they never miss a package, and to spread the joy and excitement of the holiday season.

1. Encourage Faster Pickup


During this busy package time, you’ll want your residents to pick up packages quickly to open up space for more deliveries. Luxer One’s notifications already have a holiday rush reminder, but you can also ask your residents to pick up their packages as quickly as possible as a service to their fellow neighbors.


2. Make Contacting Support Easy


Make it easy for residents to contact Luxer One Support. Whenever you email residents about packages, include a link to and the contact information for our support team: and 415-390-0123. You can also add this information to your resident portal, so your residents can easily contact us directly with questions 24/7.

3. Remind Residents to Use Vacation Hold Feature


Are your residents going on vacation? Remind them about Luxer One’s free Vacation Hold feature. You can pull their packages out of the lockers to free up space for other deliveries, and instead of being returned to sender, your residents’ packages will be waiting for them when they come home, free of charge.

4. Text Message Notifications


Encourage your residents to add their cell phone numbers to their Luxer One profile. They’ll get text message alerts in addition to emails when they receive a package, speeding up package pickup and ensuring that no packages are missed due to a lost email.


5. Seasonal Surprises


Add to the joy of gift-giving season! As a special treat, you can place small knick-knacks with a “surprise” postcard in the lockers awaiting pick-up. Your residents will get a little moment of joy and encouragement to continue picking up their packages. (If you do this, make sure to open lockers using the admin portal.)