Droplocker is an application that works with our smart locker solution. These lockers are
secure, self-service storage units which allow you to drop off or pick up items at your
convenience. They are ideal for services that have a bag restriction or events that you don’t
want to carry your items around at.

Download our app at www.Droplocker.io on any Andriod and iOS compatible device. After creating an account, you can drop off your items in an available locker.

Each locker is secured with an electronic lock that opens only with a 

You can create an account via the Droplocker app or website. You'll need to provide your
name, mobile number, and payment details to get started.

If you encounter a problem with a locker, please contact our customer service team
immediately via the app or website. Find location staff security. If no one is available, contact

Droplocker Smart Lockers come in different sizes to accommodate different needs. You can
find small (W15”xH4.75”xD22”), medium(W15”xH9.75”xD22”), large (W15”xH19.75”xD22”).

If items are left in the locker past the rental period, extra fees may apply. Rental prices will
be added up once items are picked up.

Cost depends on the location. See app for more information.

Please see terms of use for a detailed list of prohibited or restricted items that can be placed in the Droplocker.