1. How do I complete an audit of the lockers? We highly recommend you reconcile all packages on a weekly basis to make sure all packages in the lockers match the orders in the system, especially when the system is first installed. This can also be done on an ad-hoc basis if there is a package missing. A weekly reconciliation (audit) will ensure: The best time to do this is in the morning, when no deliveries have been made that day and most packages have been picked up from the previous day. Here is the process for the reconciliation: 2. How do I set up Outbound Shipping and how does it work for my residents and carriers? Check with your carriers to make sure they are able to accept and collect outbound packages from the lockers. Once you have your list of carriers that have agreed to collect outbound packages, go to the “Carriers” tab in Building Manager, click on the name of the carrier, check the “Accepts Outbound Shipping” box, and click “Update”. Once this is complete, a new “Ship a Package” button will appear for your residents on the screen at the lockers. Contact support@luxerone.com if you would like an email template to notify your residents about the outbound shipping outbound feature. 3. How do I set up the call box at my property to allow carriers to gain entrance to the building? Luxer One is able to provide carriers with secure and auditable entry to your building through your standard access control system.  All you need to do is: This will forward all calls for Luxer One to our automated system.  The system asks the carrier for their Luxer One access code, which was set up on the “Carriers” tab in Building Manager.  Once that code is entered, the system validates the code, logs the call, and allows entry.   Should a carrier not be able to gain access or if they do not know their access code, the system will forward the call to the leasing office to verify the caller and allow access as needed. 4. If a carrier is delivering more than one package for the same resident, do they have the option to put all of the packages in one locker for them?  If a carrier is delivering more than one package for a person at the same time, yes, they have the ability to log in multiple packages to place into the same locker. There is a button labeled “Add another package for same customer”. This will bring up the camera for the carrier to take a picture of the second package. 5. If a carrier has a package for a resident who already has a package in a locker from a previous delivery, does the system give the carrier the option to put them together? If a resident receives a second package after the first was already delivered to a locker (earlier in the day or by a previous carrier), the package will go into a separate locker – the system will not re-open the locker with the first package inside once that delivery is complete. 6. What happens if a package is too large for the oversized locker? If a resident is expecting a package that is too large to fit into the oversized locker, they should schedule the delivery to arrive when they will be home to accept it at their door. 7. If all the lockers are taken and none are available, what happens to the package? If all the regular sized lockers are full, the oversized locker is setup to accept multiple packages, and overflow packages can be delivered into that locker. 8. The audit instructions say that if there is a package logged in the system but not in the locker to just remove the package from the system. What would ever cause this to happen?   If a staff member used their manager code to open a locker and pull the package to give it to the resident, the removal would not be logged in the system. To clear these deliveries, someone must log into Building Manager and mark the package as “Picked Up” or enter the 6-digit access code at the lockers to “pick up” the package. If this step isn’t completed, the package will still show in the locker in the system. 9. Who do I contact when a carrier refuses to use the lockers or locker room? At the corporate level, we have support from all the major carriers.  Usually, it is just a case of sharing your acceptance policy with carriers and asking them to share it with their supervisors.  We have had good feedback from supervisors when they see the official acceptance policy for your location, and carriers like having guaranteed first-time delivery, which our lockers ensure.  If this does not work: 10. If a resident is having trouble locating a package, what steps can we take to resolve their issue? If a resident can’t find a package, they should contact Luxer One support as soon as possible, at (415) 390-0123 or support@luxerone.com. We recommend adding a link to luxerone.com and including the contact information for our support team on your property’s website or resident portal. 11. If one or more lockers are not opening, or if the locker system is not working, who should I contact? If individual lockers stop working, please put them out of service on the “Lockers” tab in Building Manager. Doing so emails Luxer One support.  If additional information is needed, support will reach out to the property. If the issue is more widespread or serious than one or two stuck lockers, please contact support right away. 12. What time is customer support available? Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 13. How long will it take for customer support to get back to me?  Response times can vary, but you should expect to hear back from customer support emails within 2 hours. 14. What do we do if a resident does not want their packages delivered to the lockers or the package room? If a resident does not want their packages delivered to the package lockers or package room, you can update their status to “Opted Out” in Building Manager, which will direct the carrier to deliver their package elsewhere the next time they attempt to deliver the resident’s package to the Luxer One System. Click on the “Residents” tab, search for the resident by name or unit number and open their Luxer One profile.  Under status, choose “Opted Out”. When you do this you will see a text field appear below where you can enter the message to show when carriers attempt the delivery to this resident.  You can customize this message to display whatever you like.  The default message is “This resident has requested to pick up packages at your sorting facility. Please do not deliver to the lockers”. 15. What if we have a resident without an email address? An email address is needed to create a Luxer One Profile.  If a resident does not have an email address but has a cell phone, you can create a Luxer One account for them using a fake email address (e.g. donotreply@noemail.com etc.) and include their active cell phone number so they can receive the text notifications to pick up their packages.  If the resident has no email or cell phone, they cannot have a Luxer One profile and packages sent to this resident will be assigned to the House Account. Property Management will receive the delivery notifications and can make arrangements to deliver to that resident.