Apartment Parcel Locker

Apartment Parcel Locker

Studies indicate close to two-thirds of property managers spend between one to four hours per week on package management. In addition, multifamily housing units handle close to 150 packages per week and 180 packages per week during holidays. With the onset of the corvid 19 pandemic, many people throughout the U.S. have resorted to shopping online instead of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. This has made package management a great concern for property managers. Fortunately, technology has also made it easier for property owners to manage packages. A package locker system can facilitate package management. Therefore, choose the right apartment parcel locker for you. Here are the best package lockers for apartments.

Parcel Pending Smart Package Lockers

This package management system is designed to facilitate easy and intuitive delivery of packages for couriers, residents, and property owners. It can be used in residential buildings, retail, and commercial spaces. This product is available in a wide range of configurations depending on clients’ unique needs. Parcel Pending offers indoor, outdoor, and refrigerated package management systems.

Parcel Pending locker systems are long-lasting, weatherproof, and ADA compliant. Parcel Pending lockers can provide access to residents with disabilities.  In addition, this type of locker comes with a mobile app, which sends notifications to alert residents about their packages and deliveries.  

Luxer One Apartment Package Lockers

Luxer One is a brand that has almost become synonymous with package lockers. It is the most popular package locker company in the U.S., producing some of the best package lockers for residential buildings. Luxer One specializes in the production of package lockers and other delivery products. Luxury One apartment package locker is spacious and comes equipped with high definition surveillance cameras for maximum package security. In addition, the locker includes outbound shipping. This means that residents can send and receive packages through the Luxer One package locker.

Amazon Hub Apartment Package Locker

Amazon is a renowned ecommerce and cloud computing company. It also develops package management products for both residential and commercial clients. The Amazon Hub apartment package locker is designed to secure Amazon packages and packages from other delivery companies. One of the package management systems' key highlights is it offers 24/7 access to stored packages. In addition, Amazon package parcel delivery lockers for apartments are incredibly safe because they offer contactless pickup, which prevents pathogen transmission, especially during the corvid 19 pandemic. The Amazon Hub apartment package locker is designed to fit almost anywhere; it has minimal space requirements. These package room delivery lockers work exceptionally well in buildings with ButterflyMX installed. Amazon collaborates with ButterflyMX to ensure its delivery personnel can easily access buildings with ButterflyMX.

The Amazon package system works in a very simple way. Amazon delivery personnel use unique six-digit codes on properties with ButterflyMX installed. This code grants delivery drivers one-time access to designated properties. This eliminates the need for residents to facilitate entry. Once inside the property, the delivery person puts the deliveries into the Amazon package locker or ButterflyMX package room.

Are you looking for state-of-the-art apartment parcel lockers? Please contact Luxer One to learn more about our company or to explore our products: 415.390.0123

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