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Automated Postal Center

Now that a majority of consumers prefer the hassle-free experience of online shopping, more and more businesses are adding delivery services. This, in turn, has made managing packages pretty complicated. At Luxer One, our automated postal center is designed to simplify the process of package delivery. If you’re looking for self-service, automated smart lockers, we're you're go-to providers. When you enlist our services, we'll first determine your specific requirements before we start the design and installation process.

FAQs About Our Automated Postal Center (APC)

Below are answers to questions to help you know more about our automated postal center:

What is an Automated Postal Center?

An APC is a self-service kiosk with intelligent parcel lockers that enables recipients to access their delivered items 24/7.

How Does an APC Work?

The computerized touch screen on the kiosk contains a list of recipients. Once the courier arrives with a parcel, they select the name of the recipient from the directory as well as the package size. Our system will basically open an empty locker where the item is put in. Once it's inside, the recipient is notified immediately via text. To get the package, recipients enter a one-time access code on the touch screen interface. This automatically opens the locker with the parcel.

Why Do I Need an Automated Postal Center?

There are many advantages that come with an APC. Some of them are:

  • Mail centers, colleges, and retail businesses can boost their operational efficiency with an automated postal center. In fact, adding a layer of controlled access to your package room can save your employees up to 24 hours weekly.
  • Intelligent automated lockers are one of the main amenities people look for before moving into an apartment complex. Therefore, having an APS can give you a competitive advantage, enabling you to sign and renew more leases.

Why Should I Choose Luxer One’s APC?

Our automated postal center accepts all the packages that come your way. To be exact, we’ve developed smart locker software systems that accept the following:

  • Oversized parcels
  • Refrigerated delivery
  • Outbound shipment
  • Recipient names that aren’t listed
  • Overflow of packages

Whether you need intelligent lockers for colleges, retail businesses, apartment buildings, or mail centers, we've got you covered. We guarantee improvement of 60 to 70 percent in efficiency and pickup times plus 99.9 percent uptime.

How Does an Automated Postal Center Minimize Theft and Loss?

It’s estimated that a shocking 1.6 million packages are stolen or lost daily, making secure parcel delivery a top priority. For this reason, we’ve engineered second to none intelligent digital locker systems in our automated postal centers that require a unique passcode to access a delivery. As such, packages remain secure until the intended recipients retrieve them. Additionally, our 24/7 tracking and monitoring capabilities enable us to have absolute visibility of where recipients’ items are once delivered.

Streamline Package Delivery with Luxer One

Our mission is to make the delivery of items seamless with the help of our automated postal centers. At Luxer One, our platform allows top-of-the-line automation that’s much more convenient, faster, and efficient.

Automated Postal Center
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Automated Postal Center
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