Delivery Locker

Delivery Locker

The package locker system has been newly innovated to avoid the effects of Covid-19 on sales. You can have access to 24-hour, contact-free product services through these lockers. Added to this, it offers comfort and easy returns with the use of modern technology. Package room delivery lockers profit both the buyer and the dealer.

How does it benefit the retailer?

The use of these lockers decreases the labor cost that is used per hour. Moreover, by these, they can have a competitive edge in comparison to online markets such as Amazon.

How smart lockers solve last-mile delivery problems?

It is contact-free and safe from all the germs that could be transmitted if the customer took it from the shop. Products at Luxer One are kept well sanitized but have come up with an unsurpassed delivery locker service to avoid the presence of any germ that might have been left. The product is kept in this locker for about 24-hours, after which the customer can avail of it anytime he/ she wishes to. This way, it remains contact-free and is extremely hygienic. Luxer One guides you to keep the product hygienic.

Usually, it is the case that customers have to delay their delivery in case of any urgent meeting or any other factor. This further results in receiving the parcel late as the customers have to wait for the next time it is delivered. Often is the case that they deny later, the delivery locker helps the customers to have access to the product 24 hours a day and can collect their parcel anytime. The labor and extra delivery charges are now no more. Our staff keeps you updated about your parcel to have full assurance it gets to you at the right time.

Return of products is now made easier with the use of advanced technology. Also, the customers do not have to pay the charges to deliver back neither do the retailers have to pay for taking back the product as they use the lockers. Our team at Luxer One knows to keep good maintenance of you and your safety, as your loss is our loss. Furthermore, your courier is safe in these lockers, and you are kept updated about it, which makes it more luxurious. This reduces parcel theft, which has increased in the past few months.

For fast access, lockers have been set up in the metro, trains, buses, and malls. Package lockers for apartments have been introduced, too. This makes it more feasible for customers to take advantage of this innovation. Package parcel delivery lockers for apartments may cause some expense, but the comfort and luxury provided would be worth spending a bit more.

Luxer One, which is well-known, offers you the best package lockers for residential buildings. We at Luxer One know how to keep our customers satisfied, for them to visit again. To know more about our services related to the delivery locker, contact Luxer One at 415.390.0123

Delivery Locker
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