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Intelligent Lockers

As e-commerce steadily rises, it's become clear why there's a growing demand for improved delivery methods other than the usually slow and faulty traditional system. Parcel delivery volumes are increasing by the day, and of all the possible solutions of ensuring efficient management of deliveries, intelligent lockers have proven to be best-in-class.

If you're searching for the ideal smart parcel lockers, look no further than us at Luxer One. We guarantee top-of-the-line systems that will exceed delivery expectations in your multifamily community, office, mail center, retail business, and university. Our cutting-edge products come in a wide range of tailored solutions that will perfectly match your needs.

How Our Intelligent Lockers Work

The convenience of ordering online rather than physically going from store to store buying what you need is unsurpassed. Yet, there's still so much that can be done to make sure the end-to-end process of managing deliveries is streamlined. Our smart locker software systems are designed to make last-mile delivery as efficient as possible for customers, employees, students, and tenants.

At Luxer One, we’ve developed intelligent digital locker systems that enable facilities to integrate package delivery solutions that securely store parcels for recipients until they're ready to pick them up, of course, within a given time frame. Here’s how our products work.

Intelligent or smart lockers automate parcel delivery, from storage to notification to distribution. After items are delivered into our lockers, recipients are automatically and instantly informed that their package has arrived via text. The text also contains a unique one-time pin they’ll use to get their parcel. Packages can be retrieved at any time of day or night, especially when it comes to outdoor intelligent lockers for colleges, apartment complexes, and retailers.

Once the recipient is at the locker location, they enter the passcode given on a user-friendly, ADA-compliant touch screen and wait for more instructions. If the details provided are correct, the door with the package opens, enabling the person to obtain their goods.

Are Intelligent Lockers a Smart Investment?

Unfortunately, parcel theft has been on the rise. Our intelligent lockers provide a complete chain of custody that allows for 100 percent transparency and accountability. Additionally, our products are equipped with second to none anti-theft software and hardware, ensuring the safety of all deliveries. To further enhance security measures, we have 24/7 video surveillance where we monitor the lockers. Ultimately, automating processes that a number of employees would normally perform boosts efficiency and, at the same time, cuts operational costs.

Automate Package Delivery with Smart Lockers

At Luxer One, we offer the safest and most efficient intelligent lockers. Our heavy-duty package lockers will keep items 100 percent secure and ensure a smooth flow in delivery management. You can be sure our unbeaten solutions simplify parcel delivery, regardless of the volume. Equally important, our automated smart lockers are highly customizable and scalable to meet the needs of different properties. With us in your corner, you’ll expedite deliveries, eliminating queues and wait times.

Intelligent Lockers
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Intelligent Lockers
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