Mail Locker

Mail Locker

With the continual growth of ecommerce around the world, online shopping has made package handling and management a tedious task for property managers. This has prompted individuals and communities to look towards technology for solutions, one of which is produced by Luxer One, a smart locker production company.

Luxer One is one of the top-rated companies that specializes in the safe and secure procurement and delivery of packages. The lockers produced by this management company are used in a wide range of industries, including retail, office, residential, commercial, and university.

Luxer One Mail Lockers

Luxer one lockers are some of the best package lockers for residential buildings. They operate on automated algorithm or software and are specially designed for multi-family residences, retail stores, and other commercial stores without a front desk.

With this mail locker system, property managers can safely secure packages for their clients or residents. This is opposed to when they used to leave packages unprotected when tenants aren't available to receive their packages.

Features of Luxer One Mail Lockers

This package locker system comes equipped with numerous features, including:

High-quality Construction Materials

Luxer lockers are constructed using cold-rolled steel or CRS, a material that has proven to be much stronger than hot rolled steel. Several researches conducted on CRS have shown that the material is a high-grade material that is tough, efficient, full of integrity, and an exquisite finish.

Theft- and Tamper-proof

Also, these mail lockers are produced from zinc-plated steel, an extremely tough material that is difficult to breach. Thus, preventing the locker from being tampered or broken into. It also ensures that the lockers are durable enough to last several years.

Corrosion Resistant

Luxer One coats a corrosion-resistant layer on its product's body, thereby ensuring that the surface of the locker does not scuff or scrape. It also ensures that the locker has a polished structure and a smooth appearance.

Other features of the mail locker include:

They use a metal construction that ranges from 18- to 7-gauge

They feature a built-in security camera

They include a barcode reader and constant power supply

They can be installed either indoors or outdoors, and many more

How Do Luxer One Mail Locker Products Work?

It is quite easy to get hold of a package with the Luxer One's package parcel delivery lockers for apartments. Pay attention to the tips mentioned below :

  • First, register with the packet management company. This provides the package management system with some of the recipient's details, such as mailing address. Thereafter, the package will be secured and delivered with help from the Luxer One App, which can be accessed through Apple devices alone.
  • When a carrier delivers the expected package, s/he makes sure to input their unique code via the locker's touchscreen. They also select the intended recipient and scan the package before stowing it away in the Luxer One locker.
  • Subsequently, the registered recipient is automatically notified through text or email that their package is ready for pickup.
  • Finally, a recipient retrieves his/her package by inputting the locker number and access pin code they were issued after the carrier dropped it off.

Keep in mind that package deliveries with Luxer One locker systems can be easily tracked and monitored through the company's package tracking and automated notification system. As such, you can pick up your package whenever you want as it remains safe and secure.

To learn more about our company or products , contact Luxer One at 415.390.0123

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