Oversized Lockers

Oversized Lockers

Luxer One is the leading Package locker system company operating in the US. Formed in 2005, we have changed the game of parcel delivery by our innovation and progress. The conventional parcel delivery system of leaving parcels on door and mailbox always came with the risk of thefts or misplacement, leading to loss of valuable items. We have successfully erased that risk by combining technology with the parcel delivery method to form package room delivery lockers.

These have been a huge success in the states and Canada as the technology and surveillance that these Package parcel delivery lockers for apartments have enables that only the resident that is supposed to receive the parcel can unlock their parcel compartment at any time of the day using a unique code sent directly to them at the time of delivery. This promises the complete safety of the package delivered.

We offer five different types of Package lockers for apartments as parcel storage and safety unit. All of these are designed and built in the USA with the best and safest exterior and equipped with the finest hardware and software to make our package lockers the strongest, safest, most reliable, and the Best package lockers for residential buildings. Parcel lockers that you can trust with all of your parcel deliveries, no matter how monetarily or sentimentally valuable. One of our top of the line package locker unit is the oversized & overflow locker.

Oversized Locker:

Designed and engineered in California using the best technology and hardware material, our oversized lockers are one of the most efficient and safest locker units in the entire world. We have the prestige of being the first designers and applicators of this oversized locker style. This locker can be placed outside your apartment or residential building. When paired with our in-built surveillance system this locker efficiently accepts all and any parcels when the other lockers are at full capacity, leading it to have a rate of 100% parcel acceptance, hence the name overflow unit.

This locker’s exterior is like that of a closet with no separate compartments in the exterior or interior and a huge metallic door for parcels to be placed and taken out. This makes this locker particularly useful for huge parcels that couldn't otherwise be fit in regular compartments. Hanger clothes, lamps, amongst others can be easily placed in this locker without having to be folded or adjusted. Like all our other locker units, this locker also has universal access feature and is wheelchair or handicap friendly. Along with this for that added bit of protection, it is kept under 24/7 video surveillance and is made with 12-gauge heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant steel coated with lasting powder coat paint. The interior is also in-built with a tamper-proof internal hinge mechanism. This system is also powered by a combination master lock that provides key-free access for the regulation of all compartments and has an iOS-style touch display screen for familiarization and user-friendliness.

Contact us: Contact Luxer One to learn more about our oversized lockers and get a quote or more specification at 415.390.0123

Oversized Lockers
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Oversized Lockers
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