Package Delivery Locker

Package Delivery Locker

Online shopping has made package delivery a major part of our daily life. Yet, for many people, package deliveries are left unattended because of the lack of secure package delivery lockers that is up to the task and volume of today’s shipping. Residential buildings are overwhelmed with incoming parcels and packages. This is exactly where the package locker system comes in.

Package lockers are a secure solution designed for residential buildings that receive high-volume packages. Package parcel delivery lockers for apartments offer a service for residents of multi-tenant communities and pick up their items at their convenience. Here are the five tips to help you choose the best package delivery locker.


Rigorously tested package lockers for apartments can put your minds at ease. It allows you to know that once your package arrives, it will be stored safely, and it can be picked at your convenience. The location of your lockers can also make a huge difference. So, if you want to protect your residents, you need to provide a well-lit and welcoming indoor set-up. Providing your residents with top-of-the-line package room delivery lockers will increase the value of your property and ensure the satisfaction of your resident. 


From architecturally incorporated mailrooms to outdoor cluster box units and outdoor package lockers, there are unmatched ways to improve your package delivery system to look good and work well. A good-looking mail system improves the prestige of your property. However, when renovating, make sure you talk to your local USPS office first to talk about your plans like a choice of code-compliant 4C. 


Typically, package lockers for package delivery can be divided into two categories: free-standing and built-in – both of these package lockers provide different styles that can help spice up package retrieval. Built-in package delivery systems are usually planned from the start and provide unique ways to integrate the design of the package and mailroom with the design of the bigger development.

Support and Maintenance

When choosing an automated package locker system, you may need to think about maintenance support. If the provider provides onsite maintenance and remote monitoring, it will improve the performance of your package locker. Also, it helps to resolve the hardware and software issues at any time.

User-Friendly Features 

With the best package lockers for residential buildings, you can make it easier for your residents to pick their parcel at their convenience. The package lockers are usually protected with a passcode. Using a number or code, residents can open the package locker and retrieve their package – it’s as simple as that. You may also want to ensure the lockers are designed to facilitate those with disabilities.

Choosing the Best Package Locker

Luxer One is one of the most popular brands of smart package lockers. We automate package management with self-service, smart package lockers. We have several different units’ configurations, with lockers ranging in size. Moreover, we have a fridge unit and outdoor units for grocery deliveries. Contact Luxer One to learn more about our company or to explore our products: 415.390.0123.

Package Delivery Locker
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