Package Lockers For Apartment Buildings

Package Lockers For Apartment Buildings

Founded in 2005, The Luxer One has built an unsurpassed name for itself in locker safety. We have revolutionized the way package deliveries worked and have made the process safer, securer, and less worrisome. Our commitment to providing 100% safe parcel package units and 100% parcel acceptance rate, coupled with our team's dedication to the job has led us to become the best Package locker system, providers. We have been the frontrunners of this combination of Package room delivery lockers in the industry and with constant innovation, by the use of technology and efficient resources we aim at maintaining our position in the industry to provide you all with the securest package delivery system.

We have five types of Package lockers for apartments that can be further customized for compartment sizes and colors. All five types are built for different scenarios and customer preferences and it is up to the customer to purchase the one they deem the best fit.

Features common in all of our package lockers:

We take honor in the fact that all our Package parcel delivery lockers for apartments have been designed and built in the USA, this means that our product is of the finest quality and local servicemen are available at a call to fix any issue that may arise. Along with this, all our package lockers are made from the best hardware and software to make them the safest and most durable. The exterior is made from 12-Gauge heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant steel coated with long-lasting powder paint to make it long-life and strong. All our lockers and handicap friendly equipped with 24/7 surveillance video and powered by an iOS interface to make them user friendly. A master lock is available for management and regulation and a tamper-proof hinge mechanism for easy and uninterrupted use. We also provide color and customization for all our package lockers to add that added touch of personalization for our consumers. All these features and many others make our Best package lockers for residential buildings.

Types of lockers:

1) Main Unit: The most commonly used and the first of our designed Luxer Locker is the main unit. A top of the line package locker with 15 compartments of different sizes for various needs, a touch screen, battery backup, and electronics.

2) Add on Unit: The add-on unit has a set of 17 compartments in varying sizes and offers the unique feature of being able to add as many additional units as required. Highly useful for large apartment complexes.

3) All Medium Unit: As the name suggests this unit contains all medium-sized locker compartments that are perfect for standard parcels. It originally contains 14 compartments but as many as required can be added.

4) Four Door Unit: This newest addition to our locker styles is a 4-door large compartment unit that is very useful for storage of oversized deliveries. This is also equipped with standard hooks making it perfect for hanger clothes or dry cleaning delivery.

5) Oversized Unit: A unit that offers a 100% package acceptance rate and can also accept parcels when at full capacity.

Contact us: Contact Luxer One to learn more about our package lockers and to explore our products at 415.390.0123

Package Lockers For Apartment Buildings
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Package Lockers For Apartment Buildings
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Package Lockers For Apartment Buildings Package Lockers For Apartment Buildings Package Lockers For Apartment Buildings