Parcel Locker Apartment

Parcel Locker Apartment

With the continuous increase in technology, more activities, such as shopping, are being carried out online rather than physically. According to a survey carried out before the COVID-19 pandemic, about 84% of Americans engage in online shopping most of the time.

Naturally, the onset of the pandemic further increased this number. To illustrate, Instacart, a grocery delivery brand in the country, reported up to 218% increase in grocery delivery orders.

With the increased influx of packages being delivered to multifamily residential buildings, it became necessary to keep up through the use of package lockers for apartment.

In essence, package lockers provide package storage services for multi-tenant communities, thereby allowing them to safely stow and pick up their packages at their convenience.

Comparing Package Lockers for Apartments

For several people residing in buildings without a lobby or front desk, receiving their delivery packages can be a hassle. Fortunately, parcel lockers for apartment buildings are increasingly being used around the country today.

In most cases, the best package lockers for residential buildings offer the following features:

  • Private package retrieval with a pin code, QR code, access card or a fob key.
  • Improved security, thus preventing package theft and misplacements.
  • Package retrieval at recipient's convenience.
  • Delivery alerts to recipients in the form of text or email.
  • Package delivery and package shipping.

Best Package Parcel Delivery Lockers for Apartments

Although parcel locker for apartments is a new trend in multifamily homes, there are many companies providing these improved package delivery services. They include:

Amazon Hub Apartment Lockers

This package delivery system is a new product recently established by Amazon to enhance the ease of storage and delivery to apartment in residential buildings.

Some of the perks of Amazon hub apartment lockers are:

  • They allow residents to retrieve their packages whenever they want.
  • They can be used to store all manner of deliverables, regardless of the delivery company.
  • They are available in two sizes - a starter model, which features 42 compartments for each locker, and an expander model with 65 compartments.

Parcel Pending

Parcel Pending is a smart package management system that is produced by Quadient. It is available in various sizes that are ideal for multifamily, retail, commercial, and university buildings.

Its perks include:

  • The physical lockers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • They can be customized to match the aesthetic appeal of the building.
  • They enable residents to pick up their packages whenever they want to.
  • They are available in multiple sizes.

Space Saver

Space Saver offers different storage and shelving services across industries, including an electronic package locker system for residential buildings. They offer the following benefits, among others:

  • They allow packages to be delivered and retrieved at any time.
  • They transmit email and text notifications to recipients to inform them when their package arrives.
  • They have package tracking features for recipients and the building's management.

Luxer One Lockers

Luxer One provides parcel lockers for a variety of buildings, including commercial and residential buildings, retail spaces, working offices, universities, etc.

They offer the following perks among others:

  • They can be used to store different types of packages.
  • They feature video surveillance, refrigerated lockers, and a reporting and SaaS dashboard.
  • They provide package recipients with text and email notifications when their packages are delivered.
  • They offer variety with multiple locker sizes. 

As mentioned above, Luxer One is a smart package management company with products that keep your packages safe and secure. To learn more about our company or products, contact us at 415.390.0123 or

Parcel Locker Apartment
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