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Refrigerated Lockers

Consumer shopping behavior has drastically evolved, with most preferring the convenience of online shopping. Buying items on the internet means you no longer have to leave the comfort of your home or get distracted at work trying to plan how to squeeze time for shopping. Even better, you can shop from different vendors at once. One challenge of online shopping remains—delivery. As a customer, you have to wait for your delivery to arrive at a designated place. Alternatively, you can pick up your items at the store. Both of these options, unfortunately, aren’t convenient.

It's commonplace for delivered packages to be lost or stolen. And if you prefer BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store), you still have to wait in line at the pickup location. This is where our refrigerated lockers at Luxer One come to the rescue. They enable consumers to collect their items at conveniently located lockers without queuing. At the same time, they keep orders cool and fresh the whole time they’re stored.

The Incredible Features of Our Refrigerated Lockers

Our smart parcel lockers contain the following features:

Temperature Control

Our smart locker software systems combine True Refrigeration®’s trusted products, a top-rated brand for more than 70 years, with our locking technology to ensure perishables remain fresh and cool. So, you can confidently order cakes, pies, fruits, vegetables, and anything fresh and have them delivered to our lockers. And, you won’t have to rush to pick up your items before they go bad.

Video Surveillance

We provide round-the-clock cloud-based video surveillance to guarantee the safety of packages while offering a complete chain of custody. Further, our sturdy, intelligent digital locker system keeps all contents secure until they’re retrieved. Packages can be accessed by the right recipients using a one-time passcode.

Flexible Integration

Our lockers have adjustable shelves to accommodate oversized orders and best match your capacity needs. Basically, you can put any cold delivery order in our refrigerated lockers.

Locally Manufactured

Our innovative, world-class products are all locally made here in the USA by master-level experts using cutting-edge technology. Superior quality materials, as well as finishes, are utilized in construction for the strength and durability of our lockers. As such, our products can stand up to the elements and guarantee the safety of the contents inside.

Natural Refrigerant

We're keen on contributing to environmental conservation; that's why we only use natural refrigerant. Unlike hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants, natural refrigerant is sustainable. It has almost zero or nil global warming potential. What's more, it's an effective way of permanently minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Locking Technology

Our refrigerator lockers utilize the same proprietary locking technology as our Luxer Lockers, ensuring perishable deliveries are also kept in a tamper-proof system.

Cutting-Edge Package Delivery Experience

Your tenants and employees will appreciate the convenience our refrigerated lockers bring. Whether they've ordered meal kits, groceries, pharmaceuticals, flowers, and anything else that's perishable, our secure automated smart lockers are the perfect solution for cold deliveries to commercial buildings and residential complexes. At Luxer One, our lockers will keep temperature-sensitive parcels cools, preserving their freshness. We also provide the finest intelligent lockers for colleges.

Refrigerated Lockers
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