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Secure Locker System

A lot of people are skipping trips to physical stores and opting for online shopping. While this is pretty convenient, having your order delivered to your doorstep leaves packages vulnerable to theft. However, you don’t have to let your tenants', employees' students', or customers' hassle-free deliveries become targets of porch pirates.

Instead, you can avoid missing or stolen deliveries by installing secure locker systems in your university, retail business, office, or residential building. At Luxer One, we provide top-of-the-line smart parcel lockers that deliver unsurpassed safety and convenience recipients will love. Our self-service package lockers secure packages until recipients are ready to pick them up.

What Makes Our Locker Systems the Most Secure on the Market Compared to Other Indoor and Outdoor Locker Systems?

The security of packages is a top priority. To this end, our innovative smart locker systems are developed with the following features:

Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

Unlike other systems providers, we use super durable steel locker doors that make our smart locker software systems virtually impenetrable. The tough steel housing also ensures high security and the ultimate protection against theft or vandalism. Our lockers offer the perfect solution for receiving and holding parcels so that recipients don’t have to worry about the safety of uncollected deliveries.

24/7 Video Surveillance

Perhaps you don’t have dedicated security personnel for deliveries? That’s not a problem. While some locker companies will leave surveillance to you, we’ll do it on your behalf. We remotely monitor our intelligent digital locker systems 24/7 to mitigate package loss or theft, ensuring the safety of parcels at all times.

Unique Passcodes

Nothing gives online shoppers peace of mind, like knowing their orders are secure. That’s what our special one-time PINs are for. Once parcels arrive and are placed inside our lockers, we automatically send recipients a unique code that gives them sole authority to unlock the locker containing their deliveries. Once recipients are ready, they can retrieve their parcels without the pressure of strict pick-up times. This allows greater freedom of package collection.

As such, employees can concentrate at work without worrying about the safety of their packages or whether their parcels have even arrived. It also helps residents and students who can't make it to the mailroom during regular office hours not to miss another delivery.

Intelligent Software

Our intelligent lockers for colleges, retailers, offices, and apartment complexes produce an automatic log that’s kept for each drop-off and pick-up, offering a detailed chain of custody. A full audit trail of every delivery considerably minimizes the risk of losing packages and further boosts the security measures of our locker systems. Also, end-to-end delivery tracking streamlines last-mile delivery, a process rife with inefficiencies.

Secure, Tamper Proof Locker Systems

Our secure locker systems mean your tenants, employees, students, or customers never have to worry about missing their deliveries again. Once packages arrive in your location, recipients will be notified immediately via text, and deliveries will be stored safely in our tamper-proof lockers until they're picked up. Our automated smart lockers provide a second-to-none experience that ensures timeliness and convenience.

Secure Locker System
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Secure Locker System
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Secure Locker System Secure Locker System Secure Locker System