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Smart Package Lockers

Last-mile delivery is often inefficient, leading to customer frustrations. A lot of times, customers are notified that their packages have been sent, yet in the end, deliveries are delayed due to different reasons. For instance, a parcel may be sent to the wrong address, or the package might be too big to fit into the mailbox.

The ideal solution to these and other challenges that come with the traditional method of parcel delivery is smart package lockers. At Luxer One, we’re a premier system provider of the finest automated smart lockers. Our solutions guarantee efficiency in last-mile delivery. With our lockers, you’re assured recipients’ packages will be secure, safe, and delivered to the right person.

Why Us?

Here’s why teaming up with us at Luxer One will make package deliveries a hassle-free experience for your tenants, students, customers, and employees.

100 Percent Package Acceptance

We know the frustrations that result when people don’t get their packages because they couldn’t fit in the mailbox. That’s why we’ve engineered smart locker software systems that can accept all parcels, regardless of the size, and even overflows on holidays.

Robust Intelligent Digital Locker Systems

Our package lockers are reinforced with a special powder coating to protect deliveries from the elements. As an added layer of security, our lockers come with HD surveillance cameras. Best of all, our support team monitors and maintains the footage, meaning you won’t have to.

Versatile Products

We understand that every property has varied needs. To this end, we provide a variety of best-in-class package lockers to cater to the requirements of different facilities.

  • Indoor Parcel Lockers

Our indoor lockers ensure a seamless package management process. For example, once parcels arrive and are put inside the lockers, recipients are immediately notified via text that their items are ready to be picked up.

  • Outdoor Package Lockers

When you don’t have enough room indoors, our intelligent lockers for colleges, multifamily, and other facilities are designed to endure the elements, no matter how severe. The convenience of outdoor parcel lockers is unbeaten as they can be accessed 24/7. Even better, the entire process of pick-up only takes a couple of seconds.

  • Refrigerated Package Lockers

You don’t have to be limited in terms of what you can order online. With our refrigerated package lockers, you can order all the deliveries you never could before. From medicines and meal kits to flowers, groceries, and anything else that’s perishable. Our second to none lockers keep the temperature of sensitive products at optimal temperatures so that they remain fresh and in good quality by the time you retrieve them.

  • We’ll Scale as Your Business Scales

As experts in your industry, we can easily add extra modules and columns as package traffic increases. That’s how scalable our products are. Additionally, locker sizes can be tailored to match parcel volumes.

Streamline Workflows and Save Time with Package Lockers

At Luxer One, our smart package lockers help offices, universities, retailers, residential complexes, and mail centers improve workflow efficiency. Your tenants, students, customers, or employees will be confident knowing their deliveries are stored securely in our smart parcel lockers until they pick them up when it’s most convenient for them.

Smart Package Lockers
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Smart Package Lockers
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