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Businesses that deal with visual effects face the threat of collapse when they do not invest in the right technology. It is unfortunate when you lose a month’s long progress to technical breakdowns or cybercrimes. Studios creating massive works should have the proper infrastructure to store and allow easy access to data.

Cloud storage has come a long way and is not efficient for different industries focusing on visual effects. Many studios invest in this virtual storage system to increase productivity and scale up their workflow. The following is a comprehensive guide on why you should consider a cloud VFX channel and how we help you set up the right one.

Reasons to include VFX cloud in your project

Storage space

High-end digital art takes up plenty of space and needs a fast processing system to store the data in the correct format. Studios must have a savvy team that knows which storage platform is best for their business, and has extensive support to heighten productivity. We know how to shorten the entire process and create solutions that connect different computers and boost the overall processing power.

Flexible storage

Visual projects tend to grow depending on how you want to diversify the content. VFX cloud offers fast access to several computing resources, so you can change and scale up the business as much as you wish. Our storage options allow high speeds no matter the amount of data so that you can maintain efficient storage and processing throughout the project’s timeline.

Outperform competitors

Visual projects are most common in the digital world because the current society places a lot of value on visual content. It is best to concentrate on the kind of infrastructure that will ensure you have proper speeds and enough space to deliver the best content at the right time. How can we obsolete the cloud infrastructure to ensure you have the proper project elasticity and stay within the budget?

How we set up the VFX cloud

Evaluate the cloud system

We already know that VFX cloud is the better technology because we have experience on how it fits into different projects. We are confident it offers the easiest way to modify content, keep up with multiple workflows, and maintain configurations that boost overall productivity.


VFX cloud has different prices because the storage services are scalable. We know how to leverage different packages to hit all your production goals. This means we will only use a higher-priced package when it is absolutely necessary, and otherwise stick to economical resources with strategic storage solutions.

Moving data

Most businesses already have a storage platform before seeking our cloud service. We get your existing data to different cloud tiers with network upgrades that allow speedy connections. We dedicate solutions unique to your business, so you do not risk losing data experiencing slow workflows.

There is no definitive answer to the exact cloud solution you need if we do not know your exact storage needs. Contact us online to book consultation on how we will enhance the VFX cloud processes and help your creative business reach its performing peak.


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