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Weatherproof Lockers

Delivering parcels the traditional way has proven to be quite hectic. For instance, the front office desk in an apartment complex has to manually log deliveries once the courier driver arrives with the packages. Then, they spend about an hour or more sending parcel notifications to recipients. From there, package collection can take a day or weeks. When the tenant finally shows up, a member of staff has to sift through the many packages to locate the right one. This process is rife with delays. Packages can also be easily misplaced. And if the delivery was perishable goods that aren’t properly stored, it can get quite messy.

This is where weatherproof lockers come in. While conventional delivery methods are mostly inefficient, smart lockers are the complete opposite. At Luxer One, we provide top-of-the-line automated smart lockers that ensure the security of deliveries while removing the burden of parcel management from your front office team.

FAQs Pertaining to Weather, Temperature, Rust, and Natural Elements

Below are answers to questions about outdoor lockers:

Which Package Lockers are Ideal for Wet and Humid Environments?

Rust-resistant smart locker software systems provide adequate protection against corrosion. In addition to their tough build, they also have a special powder coat finish to ensure they withstand moisture and natural elements. As such, rust-resistant outdoor lockers are the perfect solution for places with humid and wet environments.

Are There Lockers That Can Preserve Perishables?

Refrigerated intelligent digital locker systems are excellent for temperature-sensitive products such as meal kits, flowers, groceries, pharmaceuticals, and more. These lockers keep items fresher for longer compared to gel packs or dry ice. So, you can confidently order perishable goods online and have them stored in refrigerated lockers until you pick them up.

Can Packages Be Delivered in Any Weather

Usually, intelligent lockers for colleges are placed against the exterior of buildings or in hallways. However, they’re still exposed to inclement weather, moisture, and more. Thus, the need to build outdoor package lockers from extra durable materials.

Exterior package lockers are designed to withstand bad weather, whether it’s extreme winds, rain, sun, or snow. They’re usually engineered using resilient, water-proof materials like metal or steel. Therefore, parcels are delivered securely and safely even in the harshest of weather. Also, most system providers can configure outdoor lockers to suit your needs.

Why Should I Choose an Outside Locker?

Outdoor lockers have many benefits. For example, if you don’t have a communal area accessible by residents 24/7 or enough space indoors, external lockers are a great option. Being outside means tenants can get their parcels at any time, whether night or day. As such, residents won’t have to rush home to retrieve their parcels during office hours.

Hassle-Free Package Delivery

Offices, residential buildings, universities, and retailers can all ensure a stress-free experience for their employees, tenant, students, and customers by installing weatherproof lockers. Smart parcel lockers keep items safe and guarantees deliveries get the right recipient in tip-top condition. At Luxer One, it's our goal to improve your facility's operations.

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