Whats A Parcel Locker

Whats A Parcel Locker

There is an apparent higher demand for logistic orders since the loom of Covid. The last couple of years did not see a rapid increase in fulfillment orders due to technology. Instead, people buy more items online to avoid interactions in crowded retail stores. Businesses adapt to smarter storage and delivery means to cope with the expanding supply chain. A popular way to deal is using Luxer One parcel lockers.

What is a parcel locker?

The basic definition is that package lockers for apartments are essentially a storage container. However, it is not a regular container where you place mundane items like foods or clothes. The parcel container secures its content and has a system for people to receive large packages. The parcel container makes it easy to accept items that are otherwise too large for a regular postal system.

How do parcel lockers make your life easy?

The best package lockers for residential buildings simplify the receiving process because one can skip a standard mailbox's hassles. The package is containable in the vault until the recipient can collect it. The most common application for parcel holders is apartment complexes and multi-family communities. Some businesses with substantial goods prefer lockers to the usual small mailboxes.

Physical traits of a physical locker

  • Parcel lockers usually have a square design.
  • The buyer can customize the lock with engravings and numbers.
  • They are mountable as stand-alone units with durable construction settings.
  • They are mainly front-loading 

Reasons to use parcel lockers.

Convenient delivery and returns

Package room delivery lockers reduce the log of notifications with regular mailboxes. Customers want to trust that the business has an efficient way of receiving and returning items. Our lockers have a safe passcode receivable via SMS or mail. Your customers can return items quickly by including a return label and placing the order in the vault for your retrieval.


The most unfortunate case of mailing systems is that they may have multiple delivery attempts. Your pick-up and delivery staff should use their time on the department's critical issues. It is easy to lose parcels or send them to the wrong addresses without an energetic and sufficient team at the desk.

A secure and convenient system helps one create the best work/life balance. You will no longer feel the need to take time away from your core business for non-impactful tasks like handling returns.


A package locker system is safer because it do not involve numerous human handling; hence they are unlikely to have human-like errors. The comparison between the number of stolen mailboxes and the parcel-locked item is extensive. The problem is much less during Covid as more people spend time within or around the apartment complex. Consequentially, there is a significant decline in the area's overall crime rate.

Long-term solution

One main character about package parcel delivery lockers for apartments is that they will be here for a long time. Solutions like security cameras and keyed entry systems do not address the root of parcel-related crimes. Parcel lockers are the best because they reduce crime vulnerabilities. Are you ready to experience the added flexibility of parcel lockers? Contact Luxer One to learn more about our company or explore our products via 415.390.0123.

Whats A Parcel Locker
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