Luxer One Acquires MailHaven

We are excited to announce MailHaven has been acquired by Luxer One. The MailHaven Alexa Skill and mobile app will no longer be actively maintained, but new product announcements with our parent company are on the horizon. Thank you for your support throughout the years!


MailHaven + Amazon Alexa

Enable the MailHaven skill on your Amazon Alexa device to find out where your packages are from any retailer – not just Amazon.

Setup Your MailHaven Account

Download the MailHaven app to your iPhone and start using your account to track packages from any retailer and multiple carriers in one place.

Add the MailHaven Alexa Skill

Tell Alexa to add the MailHaven skill or setup using their app or website.

“Alexa, ask MailHaven where my package is.”

It’s really as simple as that. You’ll get a status update on all of your packages.

MailHaven in the News

Why MailHaven?

Dedicated Shopping Email Address

Free shopping email so you don’t have to deal with pesky spam to your email or hacks.

Your package is on it’s way!

Get alerted on your device when your package is on the truck and out for delivery.

Instant Notifications for All Your Orders

Alerts you upon delivery so no one else has time to swipe it from your doorstep.

All Your Shopping – In One Place

No matter where you shop at, you’ll be able to see everything you’ve ordered in one place.

Download the Mobile App