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Creating a contactless and
efficient library system is easy
with Luxer One.

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Public Library

Using the Luxer One system is easy for staff and patrons!

A contactless library is easy with Luxer One. With over 50 lockers installed throughout the university and library systems, and 100 million packages successfully exchanged to date, a Luxer One locker system is the smartest, most convenient way to keep staff, students, and patrons safe and studying.

We make the Luxer One experience easy with integrations with your LMS system.

Download our library white paper to learn how Luxer One can help your library be available to your patrons 24/7. Read testimonials from current customers such as Villa Park Public Library and CSU Long Beach Library.

Forgotten library card?

Not a problem. When an order is fulfilled through a LMS, the patron’s account information will be recorded. Then all the patron needs is their access code for the Luxer One lockers to pick up their order anytime of day. Since it is all tracked by the patrons account, there will be a full chain of custody record.

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