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With over 15 years in the locker business, Luxer One has managed millions of package deliveries across industries. Our mission? To relentlessly improve how the world receives goods.


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I’ve been with the Postal Service for 16 years and these lockers are a game changer. They keep all the packages safe and sound.
Gerardo S.
USPS Delivery Carrier
I LOVE Luxer One. It works perfectly. My boxes are held for me, I get a text with the code to open the locker, and I can access them anytime. If I go away on vacation I can put a vacation hold and the packages will be held in the lockers until I get back.
Rachel E.
Resident (via 5-star Google Review)
Luxer One has been a godsend! Package management today is so different from how it used to be. You absolutely need a package management solution, and for us, Luxer One has been the holy grail. I could never imagine going back.
Dina S.
Property Manager, Mirabella Apartments


Designed to accept 100% of packages, whether it’s a diamond ring or a set of skis.



With 99.9% guaranteed uptime, the most powerful hardware & software suite in the business



Support teams available 24/7 for carriers, residents, and communities


The Luxer One Innovation Blog

Offices are Open and Welcoming Employees Back to their Desks!

  Recently, Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, announced that employees will be required to be in the office four days a week beginning March 1. As companies begin to bring employees back to the office, they are facing a variety of challenges. The transition from remote work to a hybrid schedule can be difficult for both employers and employees, and it's important to understand the struggles that the workplace may face during this process.  

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Luxer One and LEEDing the Industry in Sustainability

These days, it’s not enough for a product to simply satisfy a consumer’s wants and needs. People want to know that their consumer choices do as little damage to the planet’s climate and ecosystems as possible. And people have wised up to “greenwashing” — advertising or public messaging that falsely trumps up a product’s environmental friendliness. At Luxer One, we wanted to prove to our customers that we are genuinely committed to creating smart, sustainable products. And what’s the best way to communicate that a product doesn’t just “talk the talk” of eco-consciousness? 

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Best Practices to Navigate Package Chaos

Your luxury multi-family building tenants expect the highest standards of care when it comes to package deliveries. The convenience of packages being delivered directly to the building is marred when mishandling or theft occurs. If you don’t already have a package management system on your property, consider the following best practices to ensure the security of your tenants’ packages.

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