The Retail Landscape Has Changed

With retail crime skyrocketing and over $112 Billion in industry losses last year alone, the urgency to act has never been greater. Retailers are faced with the daunting challenge of keeping their inventory secure without compromising the shopping experience.

Read the NRF report on retail crime here.

Luxer One: The Ultimate Retail Solution

At Luxer One, we recognize the struggle. That’s why we’ve dedicated our resources to build a holistic solution that tackles retail theft head-on while enhancing customer and associate experiences.

1. Software Integration – Seamlessly sync our platform with your customer and associate apps. Give access to every item in your store to your most valued customers with our simple mobile SDK. 

2. Hardware Innovation – Our Bluetooth-enabled secure cabinets offer the ideal solution to safeguard high-theft items. And the best part? They easily fit into your current store design without the need for new power or internet lines.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology – As a software company, we pride ourselves on state-of-the-art  solutions that are miles ahead of the competition.

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