Like many fast growing companies in today’s world Grubhub faced a major challenge receiving and distributing a massive volume of packages to their 1000+ employees working out of their HQ.

See how Luxer One smart lockers helped streamline the employee package experience, save valuable time and put over 7000 packages into the hands of employees.

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Pick-Up In Under 15 seconds


Admin staff loads employee packages/items into locker


Employees get notification to pick up their items


Employees use their one time use access code to retrieve their items

Employee Package Management

Make sure employees receive their packages quickly and securely all while keeping the office clear of the notorious “Package Pileup”.

IT Repair and Asset Exchange

Enable your IT team to respond rapidly to repair requests by collecting and disbursing assets to employees.

Employee Store/ Swag SHop

Reward your employees with company swag, discounted merchandise, or other fun ready for pickup in the lockers.

Storage for Hotel Desking

Smart storage solution for employees looking for a safe place to store personal items while in the office.

Peer to Peer Exchange

Allow employees the ability to drop items, documents, resources and even lunch to each other and increase engagement.

Multi Tenant Office Buildings

Provide a convenient and central package destination for all the tenants in your commercial office space.

"I would absolutely recommend Luxer to any large office that is looking for a safe, convenient, easy way to keep your packages safe and to keep your employees items safe... It's been a wonderful experience."

Add a valuable employee perk

Talk to our team about this useful amenity that boosts morale, without sacrificing your mailroom's productivity. Join the office's above in the future of package management.


While the future workplace experience is still taking shape, one thing remains constant, employees need for easy access to the IT assets that keep them productive. Luxer One provides the perfect solution for distributing and collecting high-value IT items to and from employees who may or may not be in the office everyday. See why IT teams everywhere are adopting smart lockers to make sure employees have the laptops, monitors, keyboards and any other company provided resources they need to thrive.

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