How should I clean the touchscreen?

Touch Screens can be cleaned with 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipes, or spray. Never use bleach. 70% isopropyl is the recommended cleaning for COVID-19 per the CDC guidelines.

How do I access my system’s reporting?

Log into your Luxer One Manager account. Click on “Reports”. You should now be able to see all reports associated with your system. If you run into any issues please contact your dedicated Luxer One Account Manager.

Does each roommate need their own account?

Depending on your property’s policies, you may want each resident to have a separate account. Please speak with your dedicated Luxer One Account Manager if you have any questions.

What happens if a resident goes out of town on vacation?

If the option is enabled, residents will have the ability to set a vacation on the account and any packages that are delivered during the vacation hold period will be held in the locker or room. The residents will receive the initial delivery notification but will not receive reminders to pick up the package till the hold expires. Any fees will not apply during the hold period. If the resident does not set a vacation hold, they still have the option to place a hold on an individual package and the same applies.

Who should have an account?

All residents that wish to use the Luxer system should have an account set up, including the property manager. The property manager needs their account to help oversee their system and assist residents when needed.

How does Luxer One work?

Carriers deliver packages to the Luxer One system, assign the delivery to the resident associated with the delivery, and then the resident receives a notification with an access code to pick up their package. The resident enters the access code and retrieves their package.