What do I do if the locker that opens is empty?

Confirm that the locker that opened is the correct locker assigned to your package. After confirming, you can contact Luxer One at 415-390-0123, or by sending us a message at support@luxerone.com

What do I do if I am not getting notifications?

Check your spam folder to see if the notifications are being marked as spam. If this is not the case, please confirm that your email address and/or phone number is correct on your Luxer One account. After these have been confirmed and you are still having issues please contact Luxer One at 415-390-0123

What if my access code didn’t work?

If your code does not work please go speak with your property management team to help open the locker or contact Luxer One customer support for assistance at 415-390-0123 while at the system.